Our classics: in a class of their own

1991 was a momentous year for FSB. We broke with tradition on our 110th birthday and did the unthinkable: for the first time in our history we engaged in publicity. And that was just the beginning.

We now prove with pleasing regularity that you don’t always need an inordinately large marketing budget in order to run exciting advertising campaigns. We have managed to capture the attention of our customers (and of those to be) with the aid of outstanding and, at times, rather audacious ideas – and to win one or two “creative sector” competitions while we were at it.

Amongst the most glittering items were Tomi Ungerer’s Wacky Handles, whose gestation was helped along by a good lunch and a suitcase full of handles. Our legendary “third-of-a-page” jobs, which consisted almost exclusively of text, elicited cries of dismay from Spiegel readers when we ceased publishing them for a while. And our Eastern Westphalian sense of grandeur most recently saw us raise our products to the ranks of evolutionary feats. But why not see for yourselves