Letter plates, bell-push plates, house numbers and letters

A house’s front door and entrance area can give an idea of the values shared by those who live there. The FSB product range offers virtually unlimited scope for customised or exclusive designs irrespective of whether classic door pulls, security hardware or, indeed, accessories that do not necessarily have to be fitted to the door are involved. A coherently sober design philosophy, uniform materiality and a refined surface finish common to all fittings combine to produce a cohesive overall appearance.

Letter plates and bell-push plates


Any front door fitted with FSB hardware also deserves a formally coordinated letter plate complete with bell push/bell-push plate made to FSB’s perennial degree of quality.

Most of us get annoyed when letters we receive look worse for wear. European Standard EN 13724 was drafted partly with this in mind. With regard to the aperture for domestic letter boxes, the standard stipulates that a test envelope 24 mm thick and of C4 format (= 229 × 324 mm) must be able to pass through without being crumpled or otherwise damaged. FSB letter-plate designs 38 3829 and 38 3801 meet this condition. All FSB letter plates have a spring mechanism, thus also allowing them to be fitted vertically. FSB produces letter plates and matching accessories for a wide range of settings and with customised inscriptions.

A matching bell push (without nameplate) or bell-push plate (with one or two-piece nameplate) will round the front door off nicely.

Numbers and letters

The FSB range of numbers and letters incorporates designs that Otl Aicher recommended for use as a typeface by our company. Otl Aicher was mainly concerned with ensuring good legibility from a distance.

Our characters are manufactured in Stainless Steel or sheet Bronze 4 mm thick. All characters feature identical fixing points equipped with threaded bushings (M4). Bolts are turned into these bushings and subsequently secured within plugs (8 mm). Each character is supplied with fastenings and a fixing template that defines an averaged distance between characters. Spacing can of course be determined to suit individual tastes.

Laser engravings and Digital printing methods

FSB can engrave illustrations, graphics, patterns, decorative material, lettering and numerals onto letter plates and bell-push plates in Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Bronze adopting laser and digital printing procedures.

The various options together with the relevant technical specifications available for downloading as a PDF alongside. Before we can quote we require details of the material as well as specimens of the graphics, illustrations, logos or other pictorial material as a means of gauging the input involved more accurately. We work with all the standard picture and graphics formats, i.e. pixel data such as .tiff, .jpeg or .bmp, and vector data such as .dxf, .cdr or .eps.

In the case of typographic engravings, we require precise details of fonts and sizes. Besides a broad range of typefaces, we can also arrange for your script, logos or names to be input in vectored form or converted into character paths. Unless other fonts, sizes and styles are specified when ordering, we produce typographic engravings in “Arial”.

With laser engravings it is necessary both to check the data and simulate use of pixel data in combination with the desired materials before we can make a quote or commit ourselves to producing the item.

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