METRIC® & ErgoSystem®

Bathroom accessories

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a place for tranquility and relaxation. As a result, notions of how such spaces are designed are having to be reconsidered too.

Factors such as “natural quality”, “simplicity” and “well-being” are setting new standards both in the domestic sphere as well as in hotels and public areas. Growing significance is attached to the process of selecting and combining natural materials, finishes and colors. FSB is addressing this trend in the design of its METRIC® range of bathroom accessories.

The METRIC® design is deliberately under-stated, being defined by geometric shapes and high quality materials. The contrast between round roses and rectangular support profiles is a striking design feature that runs through the entire range. The combination of round functional parts and the supports made of rectangular profiles underscores the clear division of the system’s constituent parts.
Its astutely balanced proportions have a soothing effect and blend harmoniously with a variety of design concepts. Ergonomic criteria have been taken into account wherever they are an aid to fluent sequences of movements. The holder for the toothbrush mug, for instance, tilts towards the user, thus making it easier to remove the mug.

METRIC® is supplied in stainless steel satin finish or polished. Besides looking good, stainless steel boasts an authenticity that harmonizes particularly well with natural materials such as wood or granite and is excellently suited to well-appointed bathroom schemes. Stainless steel rightly lays claim to being exceedingly hard wearing, corrosion resistant, easy to look after and durable.

The quality with which FSB works stainless steel draws on decades of experience gained as a manufacturer of well-designed, finely machined hardware for doors and windows. This expertise has found its way into the design and production of the METRIC® range of bathroom accessories.

The standard color combination FSB 8811 combines light grey and dark grey aluminum as shown to the left. Hand-holds, handrails and the surfaces of utensils trays that are subject to constant loading either by being gripped or having utensils placed on them are coated in Anthracite Dark Grey Metallic (FSB 8809). Brackets, assembly devices, and working parts that are infrequently handled may additionally

be refined with the accent color Aluminum Grey Metallic (FSB 8829, Satin Matt).

Surface quality In particular, finishes on hand-holds, handrails and shelves and trays brought about by electrostatic powder coating (EPC) are far more resilient to cleansers, scratching or wear than conventional powders and procedures of a purely decorative persuasion. The powders used at FSB have their origins in facade construction – an area, after all, in which the most exacting demands are traditionally made of surfaces in the erection of facades or to account for climatic impacts.

The matte color shade Anthracite Grey Metallic (FSB 8809) boasts above-average surface hardness and outstanding mechanical properties and can hence be recommended for areas in which particularly high loads are to be expected.


Product Chart

82 8460 00001
Bath towel rail
82 8460 00002
double swivel-action towel rail
82 8460 00003
Wall hook
82 8460 00004
Coat hook
82 8460 00007
spare toilet-roll holder
82 8460 00008
Toilet-brush set
82 8460 00011
Utensilienablage mit Haltegriff
82 8460 00012
soap holder with soap dish
82 8460 00014
toothmug holder with mug
82 8460 00018
Double wall hook
82 8201
82 8201 13000
82 8241
shower and bath stool
82 8243
free-standing stool
82 8270 00001
Wall hook
82 8270 00002
Coat hook
82 8270 00003
Door stop
82 8270 00010
towel rail
82 8270 00011
Bath towel rail
82 8270 00014
82 8270 00015
Utensils tray
82 8270 00021
Bath towel rail
82 8270 00040
soap holder with soap dish
82 8270 00042
Toilet-brush set
82 8270 00043
Toilet-brush set
82 8270 00050
shower rail with shower-head holder
82 8270 00051
shower rail with shower-head holder
82 8270 01030
Toilet-roll holder
82 8270 01031
Toilet-roll holder