Bringing your designs to life

Invariably unique – whether one-off or serial. Whatever the type of premises involved – period flat, doctor’s surgery etc. – you can put your product idea to effect with us and place yourself on an equal footing with luminaries such as Jasper Morrison, David Chipperfield or Christoph Ingenhoven. Reach out for virtually limitless diversity and design latitude!

New for old

FSB is at home in all settings and styles. Get together with us to develop products that inject fresh life into period structures. FSB lets you take full account of conservation issues when implementing your design.

Help fashion the FSB range

Taken together, our various hardware ranges are the perfect answer for all types of door and window in your building. Maybe you require a fitting for a special application that may not currently be found in our standard product range. That’s no cause for compromise! We will manufacture the product to suit for you, thus guaranteeing a consistent fit-out for all the host surfaces involved.

Your measure of all things

Maybe you require a window handle of particularly large dimensions for an oversized façade door. No problem. We’re more than happy to be measured by the diversity and quality of our customized solutions for special needs.

Series design, material to order

We stock fittings in many designs, manufacturing them in materials that – as we see it – set them off rather well. We can produce each model in your preferred material and surface finish as you wish. You can choose between Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Bronze.

Unlimited Possibilities

Putting your ideas to material effect. We exclusively work high-quality, durable, proven metals that either retain their natural looks or are lastingly stained or coated. There are over a dozen standard combinations of materials and finishes to choose from but if they don't fit your vision we'll work with you to find the perfect match for your project.

We traditionally manufacture our products in stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, and brass – and have been for the past 135 years and more.

FSB offers you universal scope for designing the following product groups for all common door and window types:

  • door levers
  • knob handles
  • window handles
  • lifting/sliding door fittings
  • frame-door fittings
  • bespoke door-lever designs for glass-door fittings
  • door pulls and push/pull pad handles (total length max. 500 mm)

Our customers’ requirements and wishes are paramount to us, the measure of all things as it were. We will be pleased to offer individual advice. (Fig.: Design in Bronze by Fawad Kazi)
Before your product can be implemented it first needs to be visualised.

Potential means are CAD data in the form of:

  • 3D data such as STEP or IGES
  • 2D data such as DXF or DWG

Putting your ideas to material effect

We exclusively work high-quality, durable, proven metals that either retain their natural looks or are lastingly stained or coated. There are more than 20 different combinations of materials and finishes to choose from – shown here citing an illustrative door-lever model – so as to ensure a perfect match for your interior.

FSB Hardware is available in twenty (12) standard finishes from our two series of door furniture: Premium and Elements.
Premium Series offers natural stainless steel and bronze finishes. Elements Series utilizes aluminum and our state-of-the-art anodizing capability which

allows us to offer an assortment of rich, yet rugged colors. We also offer black or white powder coated colors standard. Transitions Series comes with both plated and natural finishes on forged brass.
We invite you to contact us if you have special color requirements.

Our finishes are listed below showing the base material and the color code for natural, anodized, and plated finishes. Click on the illustrations for a closer look at each finish. FSB offers physical finish samples should you require this for your decision-making process.